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Lost time and productivity due to technical problems is the single largest expense of business technology.
  • Fed up with of dealing with ongoing computer problems that frustrate you, interrupt your business and waste your time?

  • Having an issue with unresponsive applications or websites?   

  • Had it with being told that it is a hardware problem or a software issue?  

  • Are you worried about the security of data and your ability to recover it if needed?   

  • Wishing you had a reliable person to call or email with a quick question or problem?

If you are tired of wasting your time dealing with technical issues and want to stay focused on servicing your clients without daily interruptions, then you have come to the right place. 

With over 25 years experience, ​TLC COMPUTER SERVICES offers your business the benefits of  a comprehensive IT department staffed by Microsoft Certified Professionals, at a fraction of the cost - and for much less than it costs your business to function without IT support.  Our Certified Professionals are at your service, ready and able to provide you and your staff with a single point of contact.  TLC Computer Services' dedicated staff understands your technology needs and your business goals.   Our Proactive approach to IT Support ensure that our clients are focused on servicing their customers and not on IT issues.

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